Francis Feehi Torgbor

AIMS Ghana | 2013

The Participatory Integrated Climate Services for Agriculture (PICSA) Approach is one of the key activities of the CCAFS funded Capacitating African Smallholders with Climate Advisories and Insurance Development (CASCAID) project working in West Africa . It aims to create a basis which supports farmers with their planning and decision making. PICSA is currently thriving in the three northern Regions of Ghana.

One of PICSA’s three key components is providing and considering climate and weather information to farmers – including historical records and forecasts. After graduating from AIMS, Mr Francis Feehi Torgbor, from Ghana, went onto receive his Research Master’s from the University of the Cape Coast and is currently working as the AIMS project lead partner and a climatic data analyst with CASCAID.

“Before AIMS, it was all about passing examinations. At AIMS Ghana, I became being a critical thinker and a problem solver and I now feel content solving problems in my related field rather than passing examinations without making an impact on society,”

“I obtained this position through my accumulated experience and expertise gained from my research work at AIMS Ghana and the University of the Cape Coast which involved the use of varied analyses of historical climatic data. This attracted interest from top hierarchy CASCAID project leaders who had seen my work and decided to involve me with the project.” The project is a joint initiative between AIMS Ghana, the Ghana Meteorological Agency and the University of Reading.

He is involved in analysing historical climate data from the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMET). Furthermore, he trains extension staff who in turn work with farmers on the PICSA ideas and also he serves as a monitoring and evaluation officer to oversee the successes of PICSA in the Ghana region.”