Siaka Lougue

AIMS South Africa | 2010

Dr Siaka Lougue completed his PhD in Applied Statistics in Demography and Biostatistics at the University of the Western Cape in 2013 with the support of a DAAD scholarship. Prior to AIMS, Dr Lougue worked as a principal data analyst for the National Institute of Statistics in Burkina Faso and as a consultant for national and international organisations including UNFPA and UNICEF.

“AIMS is a place for those who really believe and want to be part of the pioneers to use education, mathematics skills and hard work to change the situation of Africa from a continent of war and diseases to a continent of peace, innovation and glory.”

As part of the AIMS Industry Initiative, Siaka successfully secured an internship opportunity with the World Wide Web Foundation. The World Wide Web Foundation is a non-profit organisation devoted to achieving a world in which all people can use the web to communicate, collaborate and innovate freely, building bridges across the divides that threaten our shared future. The WWWF was seeking a mathematical graduate for advanced statistical data analysis to ensure the quality, comparability and reliability of third party data.

“It is a great joy to work with the World Wide Web Foundation to achieve such a noble objective,” remarks Siaka. “This opportunity also opens doors for academics to use their skills in companies’ activities and apply the use of science to make the world a better place for all.”