Mathematics Teacher Training

AIMS is implementing teacher training programs in Cameroon, Rwanda and South Africa, to improve learning outcomes in mathematics and STEM for secondary school students. Through professional development courses, high-quality classroom resources and technology-driven Smart Classrooms, AIMS is empowering teachers to improve their pedagogy and increase the transition of African youth to tertiary STEM education.

Through a ground-breaking partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, AIMS is running a five-year Teacher Training Program (TTP) in Cameroon and Rwanda. AIMS TTP trains master trainers, who in turn train other secondary school math teachers. Our goal is to train over 6000 teachers in Rwanda and over 4000 in Cameroon, reaching over a million secondary school students within five years. TPP Cameroon and Rwanda will increase the transition rates from secondary to tertiary education in science and mathematics, especially for girls.

Through the Schools Enrichment Centre (AIMSSEC), AIMS South Africa provides three types of professional development courses for primary and secondary teachers, subject advisers and field trainers, namely: Mathematical Thinking, Problem Solving and Technology in Teaching and Learning Mathematics.

Through innovative pedagogical approaches, technology and continually updated curricula and resources, AIMS is playing a critical role in building a sustainable pipeline of home-grown STEM talent in Africa.