Public Engagement

Public Engagement

How do we make mathematics and science accessible? How do we retain boy and girls in math and science? In what ways can we make math cool?

At AIMS, we are continually looking for ways to engage the public and policymakers around these questions. Our public engagement efforts take on several forms.

At our centres, students and faculty work on public engagement projects, including schools visits and public lectures. Through our Teacher Training Program (TTP) in Cameroon and Rwanda, the Next Einstein Forum (NEF) Africa Science Week and House of Science at AIMS South Africa, we ignite interest in the sciences through science-centred activities, while capturing inspirational stories for posterity.

Here are some of our signature public engagement activities and commemorated international days:

• TTP Rwanda Math Clinic

• International Day for Women & Girls in Science, February 11th
• International Women’s Day, March 8th
• International Day of Mathematics, March 14th
• Technology Day, May 11th
• International Youth Day, August 9th
• World Teacher’s Day, October 5th
• World Science Day for Peace and Development, November 10th

Join us on this journey, support our efforts.

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Maths Clinic

The Math Clinic is the Teacher Training Program Rwanda’s flagship community outreach program. It is hinged on four main pillars which include highlighting and reinforcing the value of collaboration among learners, teachers and schools in successful teaching and learning of Mathematics.

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Women And Girls In Science

On 11th February 2019, AIMS celebrated this special day by launching a publication for women in climate science, ‘New Interventions for a Changing World: Celebrating African Women Scientists on the Frontlines of Climate Change.’

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Africa Science Week

The Next Einstein Forum’s (NEF) Africa Science Week (ASW) will be Africa’s annual week-long celebration of science and technology with thousands of individuals – from students, to scientists to technologists – actively engaging in coordinated science events across the continent throughout September, October and December 2018. ASW wants to encourage citizens to get involved, participate in the NEF’s 1-mill campaign and become interested in science and technology, and how it impacts their daily lives.

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