The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is a pan-African network of centres of excellence enabling Africa’s talented students to become innovators driving the continent’s scientific, educational and economic self-sufficiency.

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Innovative Scientific Training

We’re building the University of the 21st century, equipping Africa’s brightest students with critical, independent thinking and problem-solving skills to tackle global challenges. We offer a world-class Master’s in Mathematical Sciences, with specialisations in climate science and machine intelligence, as well a co-operative (co-op) education option that equips AIMS students with technical skills to offer solutions to the public and private sectors.

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Research & Breakthrough Discoveries

AIMS brings together some of the continent’s most stalwart researchers to conduct world-class research that advances the understanding of nature using mathematics and its applications.

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Strategic Foresight & Innovative Policy Design

Through its initiatives, the Next Einstein Forum (NEF) and Quantum Leap Africa (QLA), AIMS is recalibrating how innovation is understood and done in Africa – preparing for the future today.

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Teacher Training & Public Engagement

To increase the pipeline of STEM students, AIMS runs an innovative teacher training program that empowers educators to improve learning outcomes for students in math and science. Through public engagement programs such as Africa Science Week, Science and Cocktails, Pi Day, Math Clinic, etc., AIMS is demystifying science for students and the community.

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Over 2200
Alumni as of June 2020
of AIMS alumni are women
Over 70%
of AIMS alumni remain in Africa
of Alumni have completed/are completing PhDs
Total number of publications from AIMS researchers

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"AIMS changed my view of science. I used to see maths as a set of problems that needed solving, but now, I see it as a set of tools that I can use to solve other life problems, ”Tendai, @AIMSacza alumni.

Learn more about our alumni's impact in #Africa via https://t.co/gu2zKoGwX1 https://t.co/M7m64N1lZA
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