AIMS Data Science Fellowship Programs


With the growing technological advancements, including the emerging of applications of the Internet of Things (IoT), things are becoming more and more connected. In today’s smart communities, traditional data processing software and techniques cannot deal with the sophisticated analysis required to understand human complex behavior. Specialized technical skills and tools are needed to deal with such large and detailed data and information. This is why we need to build capacity and create a critical mass of data scientists equipped with the required skills to understand how to perform complex data tasks across various businesses. AIMS wishes to leverage its Pan-African network of centers of excellence and partnerships with various public and private sector organizations to design and implement relevant Data Science Fellowship (DSF) programs. While this initiative responds to our partner needs, it comes at the right time as AIMS is currently finalising its next 5-year (2021-2026) strategic plan. As part of AIMS’s future capacity development initiatives, AIMS centres will organise AIMS Professional Development for Industry and Government Officials.

Leveraging our Work-Integrated Learning framework, these DSF programs will also provide AIMS students and alumni with opportunities to learn new skills and contribute to human capital development needed by the growing AIMS industry partner’s community. These programs will equally boost AIMS alumni’s employability skills and enhance their transition to relevant employment.

In light of the ongoing and evolving COVID-19 pandemic and considering that digitalization has become a priority to respond to challenges created by the pandemic, Data Science continues to rank among the top jobs in global markets. This offers AIMS with the opportunity to leverage new partnerships and its adaptive academic curriculum to develop new programs that respond to the growing demand of data science skills in Africa and beyond.

AIMS has secured funding to pilot the following data science fellowship programs:

1. AIMS-ISHANGO Data Science & AI Fellowship Program

2. AIMS-GPSDD Data Science Fellowship Program

3. AIMS-CEPEI Data Science Fellowship Program

4. AIMS-Tübingen Data Science & AI Fellowship Program