Teacher Training Program (TTP) Cameroon

Launched together with the Mastercard Foundation, ADEA and the government of Cameroon, the overarching goal of TTP Cameroon is to improve learning outcomes in mathematics for secondary school students and to increase the number of girls and boys who pursue STEM education at the tertiary level.

The program trains university professors, educational inspectors and experienced mathematics teachers (master trainers), who in turn train secondary school mathematics teachers. The goal is to strengthen the delivery of mathematics content at the secondary level across the country to enhance the pipeline of students, especially girls, transitioning into STEM fields at the tertiary level, towards a rich pool of scientific talent in Africa.

Through a cascading model, the program was designed to train over 4000 teachers and reach more than 1.7 million secondary school students in five years. Since inception, TTP Cameroon has rolled out three four-in-one laboratories with state-of-the-art features including a teaching simulation lab, an interactive classroom and a distance learning classroom. The laboratories feature high-speed internet, 25-40 computers, video recording systems, interactive smartboards, RACHEL servers for offline access to encyclopaedias, a server room with two servers each, a smart TV and teleconference equipment. TTP Cameroon also launched an e-learning platform for online training and a Community of Practice to facilitate interaction between math teachers, researchers, parents and all interested parties. The program has also trained 1024 teachers and 671 student teachers, impacting all 10 regions in Cameroon and reaching 328,778 students, 45% of whom are girls.

In response to the effects of COVID-19, TTP Cameroon has launched an online platform that will enable secondary school students to continue learning remotely. Math Online provides free and easily accessible course work for students of both English and French subsystems, equally offering downloadable lessons.

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