Research at AIMS

Research Overview

AIMS is in the top 20 academic institutions in Africa for weighted research outputs on the Nature Index list. With over 100 researchers in the network, AIMS is facilitating high-quality research which addresses African development challenges. All AIMS centres engage in relevant, multi-disciplinary research, led by prestigious Research Chairs and other programs. We provide outstanding researchers with the opportunity to conduct their work surrounded by peers in a world-class environment designed to inspire innovation and creativity.

Research Impact

With over 600 papers published in leading journals, AIMS’ research output is one of the highest per-capita of any institution in Africa. We have opportunities available for people at different stages of their research careers while working to retain women in research by providing the necessary support for dependents and caregivers to enable mothers to conduct meaningful research. To date, AIMS researchers have worked on more than 1200 research topics and submitted 210 patent applications.

Research Programs

  1. Research Chairs Program, including German Research Chairs, IDRC Research Chairs, etc.
  2. Visiting Research Fellows
  3. AIMS Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Research Program
  4. AIMS Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Research Opportunities in Climate Change Sciences
  5. AIMS Small Research Grants in Climate Change Science
  6. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Data Science
  7. AIMS Women in Climate Change Science Fellowship
  8. AIMS ALISI Data Science Challenge
  9. AIMS Small Research Grant Program
  10. Post-AIMS Support (Grant and Bursaries)

For enquiries about our programs, send us an email at: Visit the AIMS Research Website.

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