Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at AIMS

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Since 2014, the Mastercard Foundation, together with AIMS, is leveraging the AIMS model to develop Africa’s next generation of leaders through education. In a bid to propel socio-economic change, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at AIMS focuses on driving transformative leadership by encouraging Mastercard Foundation Scholars to engage in the development of their communities and the continent at large. The Program program targets young people with the highest social and economic barriers to opportunity.

Program Features

  • A give-back component including mandatory community service for all Mastercard Foundation Scholars;
  • Outreach, public engagement and training activities designed to provide networking and professional development opportunities for participants;
  • The development of transformational leadership skills to strengthen their sense of responsibility to give back to the African continent and lead the positive transformation of their communities.


As of July 2020, AIMS had graduated 474 Mastercard Foundation Scholars (61% women), with 68 Co-operative (Co-op) Education scholars currently undertaking the Program. Combined, these Mastercard Foundation Scholars are nationals from 33 African countries.