Sam Yala

Network President & Centre President, AIMS Rwanda

Prof. Dr. Sam Yala is the AIMS Network President and AIMS Rwanda Centre President, where he oversees and advances the organization’s mission of empowering talented young Africans to become creative leaders in science and technology.

Sam joined AIMS in 2018 after a 15+ year dual professional track in both the academia sector and in the high-tech industry in Europe and Africa, where he gained an extensive experience in developing and bringing advanced technologies and innovation, including blockchain and crypto security, to the market, with the ability to lead multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, both in academia and in industry.

Sam holds a PhD degree in Applied Sciences from Louvain School of Engineering, and a Business Administration degree from Louvain School of Management. He’s a professor of Electronics and Computer Security, and his research focus is two-fold: (1) digital control engineering using power electronics and (2) applied cryptography & computer security.