TTP training of 46 mathematics pedagogic inspectors in Cameroon

The AIMS Next Einstein Initiative, in partnership with Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, supported by the Government of Cameroon, organised the training of 46 national and regional pedagogic inspectors for mathematics in Cameroon from the 17 to 29 October 2016.  This training aimed to strengthen the supervision and pedagogic capacities of pedagogic inspectors to enable them to become TTP Master Trainers who will in turn train the in-service and pre-service teachers.

They were trained by experts from AIMSSEC South Africa, USA, Canada and Cameroon. During one of the training sessions the Minister of Secondary Education in Cameroon, Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe Masséna, came to witness and appreciate the ongoing training. He moved round the hall, interacting with all the pedagogic inspectors, experts and AIMS staff. His presence underscored the commitment of the Cameroon government and further propelled the inspectors’ engagement.