New academic year starts at AIMS Ghana

In late August, AIMS Ghana commenced the academic year with 42 students including 13 women from 16 countries. The students were selected from a competitive number of more than 500 applications received for the programme.
Welcoming students to campus, Mrs. Lucy Quist, AIMS Ghana President, challenged the students to aspire to the academic excellence of the late President and mathematical physicist, Prof. F.K.A Allotey. “Today you stand on the shoulders of this intellectual giant who demonstrated to the world that the African is not exempt from academic brilliance. And as you stand on his shoulders, I urge you to look forward to a future where your skills and dedication will create a prosperous Africa.”
“It is imperative that every African student gets a solid maths and science background …studying math will enable me to become a tool in changing the image of Africa,” said Abdulzeid Anafo.