#AlumOfTheWeek – Edwin Moyo, AIMS Tanzania 2017 alumnus.

On this week’s edition of the #AlumoftheWeek, we make a virtual trip to Zambia as we share the story of AIMS Tanzania 2017 alumnus Edwin Moyo. Edwin is currently a Junior Lecturer at Mulungushi University, Zambia.

Q: Tell us about your journey before AIMS

Edwin: My interest in Mathematics and Statistics traversed from my high school days, and eventually, I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Statistics at Mulungushi University in Zambia. I later did a certificate in Computer Programming Basic skills.

Q: How would you describe your time at AIMS?

Edwin: I learned about AIMS through my former lecturer, Mr. Stanley Jere, and I became interested in reading more about it. In my research about it, what caught my attention was the phrase “AIMS brings together Africa’s most brilliant young talent.” That is how I applied because I knew this would be a unique but challenging moment.  The zeal and teamwork at the centre and within-class made me realize that we can achieve so much as a continent if we invest more in setups like AIMS. My favourite moments were the treats we gave ourselves at the end of each block. It helps to take your mind off the demanding academic work temporally. AIMS will forever remain the place where I learned more skills and increased my confidence.

Q: Tell us about the impact AIMS has had on you

Edwin: Though I studied statistics for my undergraduate study, I was introduced to more programming and statistical tools at AIMS. The programming and many analytical skills I gathered at AIMS are helping me in delivering my daily duties as an academic and a consultant.

A memorable moment of my time at AIMS was the visit by Prof. Neil Turok, the founder of AIMS. His inspiration and encouragement are things I will never forget, even as I strive to become an influential person like him on the continent.

Q: What would you describe as your post-AIMS success story?

Edwin:  AIMS as an institution helped to make me a better person. It taught me to never stop at anything until the ultimate is accomplished. The academic structure at AIMS makes you efficient at research, and the research phase gives you an excellent experience as a Researcher. I have published 13 peer-reviewed publications, attributed mainly to the skills and connections gotten through AIMS.

Currently, I serve as a Junior Lecturer at Mulungushi University and have been applying for Ph.D. offers that I am hopeful of getting the opportunity by next year.

Q: Which of the SDGs is most important/relevant to you? How do you plan on addressing it in your work?

Edwin: Out of the 17 goals, the one that strikes me heavily and I work towards is Quality Education. I also consider giving opportunities to many girls to pursue education, particularly in the area of STEM. In this regard, I have been giving talks to young girls in some of the local Secondary Schools near my current University. Among other things, we discuss the importance of STEM, and I teach special topics once in a while.

Q: What is your message to current AIMS students and young people across the continent?

Edwin: Always remember Newton’s Third Law, as every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Thus, carry the skills and knowledge you acquire at AIMS and let it reflect in society when you are out of there. The AIMS experience is a RARE opportunity, so make it count.