AIMSSEC strengthens relationships with leading international mathematics education researchers

AIMSSEC is one of nine international partners in the Formative Assessment in Science and Mathematics Education (FaSMEd) project. In February 2016, AIMSSEC hosted a FaSMEd consortium meeting in Muizenberg, Cape Town. Among the visitors were international experts such as Professor Bärbel Barzel, from the University of Essen in Germany; Professor Malcolm Swan from the University of Nottingham in the UK; and Professor Birgit Pepin from the University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Through the collaborative work with these and other experts, AIMSSEC is constantly developing its research activities.

One of AIMSSEC’s researchers, Marie Joubert, has also been invited to join the small international team commissioned to survey ‘Mathematics teachers working and learning through collaboration’. The team comprises leading researchers in this area and is led by Barbara Jaworski at Loughborough University in the UK. Marie’s membership of this team ensures that African collaborative initiatives are given full consideration in the survey.