AIMS Teacher Training Program Launches Teacher Appreciation Campaign

November 18, 2021 – Today, the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) launched the Teacher Appreciation Campaign for 2021. The campaign aims to foster a culture of appreciating Rwandan teachers for their extraordinary sacrifice and hard work nurturing and educating generations. In addition, the aim wants to award teachers’ implicit and explicit contributions in driving Rwanda’s development agenda. 

Through a partnership with the Ministry of Education, Airtel Rwanda, and Chancen International, the three weeks’ teacher appreciation themed, “Teachers, Our Everyday Heroes” will be climaxed with an awarding ceremony organized to celebrate over one hundred fifty (150) teachers and education leaders from across the nation.

One hundred twenty of these teachers already exist and work with the AIMS Teacher Training Program (TTP) in fourteen (14) districts of Rwanda. At the same time, the rest are non-TTP teachers and will receive awards on behalf of their respective communities.

 “We are who we are because a teacher believed in us. We are confident that every act of teacher empowerment will bring us closer to the overarching goal of our Teacher Training Program (TTP),” says Lydie Hakizimana, CEO at AIMS. “TTP aims to improve STEM learning outcomes for secondary school students and build a solid pipeline of talented African scientists.”

The awarding ceremony is scheduled to take place at Lemigo hotel on December 5, 2021.

Speaking at the Press Conference, Airtel Rwanda Managing Director, Mr Emmanuel Hamez

said, “Airtel is proud to be associated with Rwandan Teachers through a partnership with the

African Institute of Mathematical Sciences and we are delighted to take part in this campaign

that will culminate in the recognition and rewarding of the Best Teachers in Rwanda. I am a

product of my teachers and so are all the staff at Airtel and as such, this campaign is close to

our hearts as we seek to give back to our Teachers.”

The campaign will run under the theme “Teachers-Our Everyday Heroes” with #RwThankATeacher and #MwarimuWanjye, and #TeachersMakeUs as the official hashtags to drive and track effective online conversations.

About AIMS Rwanda

Established in 2016 with the support of the government of Rwanda, AIMS Rwanda is the fifth Centre of Excellence for postgraduate studies in mathematical sciences to be created under the AIMS Global Network (AIMS Next Einstein Initiative). 

Since its inception, the Centre has trained 244 students, 37% of whom are women. Our academic staff comes from all over the world, giving a global learning experience to our students. AIMS fosters an environment of constant learning due to the 24-hour nature of the university that allows constant tutor-student interaction. The Centre also observes a Pan-African nature, which helps students learn about different cultures and opens up their minds and curiosity to solve problems across the continent post their education. 

About Airtel Africa

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