AIMS Rwanda hosts 2nd Edition of AIMS Alumni Meet-Up

Motivation and wise counsel can never be overrated or underestimated in an individual’s life. Sometimes in life, the only thing that can get you going and cheer you up is that one word whispered to you either consciously or in passing. Feedback and comments directed to you by your mentors and other people you look up to work like magic and propel you to unleash the hidden treasures planted in you anytime you are at a crossroads of confusion.

In 2019, as part of the revitalisation of its mandate, the Alumni Relations Department introduced the #AIMSAlumniMeetUp series. This series of community events are held in countries with AIMS centres or a large alumni population and includes riveting lectures with world-class speakers, exclusive career panels and networking events, cultural happenings, and many more different types of events at our centres. We hope to strengthen the careers of our alumni while creating the platform for building and renewing friendships. During this year’s event in Rwanda, we were privileged to host Mr George Odhiambo – Managing Director of KCB Rwanda, and Mr John Rwirahira, Head of the Research and Information at Access to Finance Rwanda. The event was also attended by the Lydie Hakizimana (CEO, AIMS-NEI), Prof Sam Yala (AIMS Rwanda – President), Dr Momar Dieng (Chief Partnerships and Strategy Officer, AIMS-NEI)

The AIMS Alumni Meet-Up Rwanda 2022 saw alumni from different cohorts across different centres coming together to interact and build lasting bonds. This video summarises the event and highlights some testimonies from both alumni and students. The next train moves to Nigeria in May.

Can you guess which Centre or Country will follow Nigeria in this year’s Alumni Meet-Up Train?