Waterloo University Centre of Education in Mathematics and Computing visits AIMS Rwanda to discuss partnership to improve mathematics teaching

From 29th October to 3rd November 2018, a delegation from the University of Waterloo’s Centre of Education in Mathematics and Computing (CMEC) led by Professor J.P. Pretti visited AIMS Rwanda.

CMEC is one of Canada’s largest outreach organizations in mathematics and computer science. The center focuses on increasing interest, enjoyment, confidence, and ability in mathematics and computer science among learners and educators in Canada and internationally.

Professor J.P. Pretti, who studied Mathematics at the University of Waterloo and did research in cryptography (the study of secret codes), together with his colleague Mike Eden visited AIMS to learn more about how AIMS works with its different partners to improve the quality of mathematical teaching and how CMEC can be part of the journey.

During the first activity of the delegation at AIMS, they met and interacted with students at AIMS Rwanda where they learned more about the AIMS curriculum and pedagogy. From there, they met with Dr. Hereine Otieno, Director of Teacher Training Program (TTP) Rwanda at AIMS, who explained more about the AIMS ecosystem, particularly around teacher training.

After this, the delegation met with Rwanda Education Board (REB) officials including the Director of Math and Science, ICT & Technology and the in-charge for Teacher Training. This focused on how REB facilitates the improvement of teaching quality in Rwandan schools and how CMEC could assist.

After this meeting, the delegation visited a number of schools that operate under the supervision of REB. These include Green Hills Academy in Kigali- Nyarutarama, the Teachers’ Training College (De la Salle) in Byumba and Ecole Secondaire Rutobwe, (Kayumbu), the pilot school for the AIMS Math’s clinic.

During the visit at E.S. Rutobwe in Rwanda’s Kamonyi District, they had enthusiastic interactions with the students and teachers on the various ways that one mathematical problem can be solved. One of the students challenged the guests in a new direction of solving one of the math problems which led to fun interactions.

A student from E.S. Rutobwe demonstrates to the visiting professors how the given Math
problem could be approached differently.

As a last activity, the delegation participated in a Rwanda Math Olympiad workshop that is expected to be a platform for all Rwandan math and science teachers once launched. AIMS student volunteers, in partnership with REB will be part of those in charge of the training once the platform has been launched. It is expected to improve the quality of teaching for mathematics and science courses.