Transforming Africa, one change agent at a time

Ms Ivy Mwai, a Senior Program Manager, Education and Learning with Mastercard Foundation visited AIMS Rwanda on 15 December 2016. During her visit, she had a chance to interact with the staff and AIMS Scholars. Ivy spoke to the scholars about the importance of the opportunity availed to them through the AIMS Scholarship and what this should mean to them as individuals as well as young African leaders. Ivy emphasized the knowledge, skills, and attitudes acquired during the AIMS program should be a huge resource that scholars use to transform their communities after completion of the program.

Students used the opportunity to ask questions about Mastercard Foundation. The visit was particularly useful in reinforcing key messages given to the AIMS Scholars about being transformational leaders, excelling in Academia, and seizing networking and learning opportunities.

After graduation, the scholars are expected to use their knowledge, skills, attitudes and networks from the program to enhance the leadership and employment sectors in their countries of origin as a way of giving back to their communities. At the end of the program, scholars will also be expected to actively participate in Mastercard Foundation  Alumni Network activities.