The Industry Initiative


Putting Africa’s brightest minds to work. AIMS’ Industry Initiative is focused on building a strong innovation pipeline to fuel economic growth. We connect AIMS graduates with for-profit, non-profit and government institutions that lead development.

[CREATE ICON] Employers. AIMS works with organizations to fill top vacancies with proven talent. AIMS graduates have world-class training in mathematical sciences and applied research. They also have training in communications and other skills necessary to succeed in performance-driven organizations.

[CREATE ICON] Students & Graduates. AIMS connects students and graduates with opportunities to lead through mathematical sciences. Through industry, alumni and academic networks, AIMS identifies careers to put the talent and education of its graduates to work. We regularly update resources for:

  • Job opportunities. View the latest sample of available positions
  • Build experience and training through learnerships with top organisations, click here to find out more
  • Career resources. Download the Industry Initiative’s practical career guide, click here
  • Raspberry Pi is AIMS’ business partner that uses technology to kick-start businesses. Learn more and submit your business plan today

Read more about AIMS student success stories and contact us to partner and make the most of Africa’s math and science potential.