Ms Aby Sall

AIMS Sénégal 2014
Developing Energy Saving Tools for the Fishing Industry

Ms Aby Sall, developed a great interest in renewable energy while studying at AIMS. After impressing the company’s management team of Ikagel Exotic
Seafood, a leading fish processing company in Sénégal, during a class visit, she was selected as an intern, where, together with a fellow student from AIMS, she worked on a research project titled, “Transforming Ikagel’s waste for energy production based on the methanization process.” The project led the company to transform its fish waste into energy and reduced its energy costs in an environmentally friendly way. The fishing industry plays a vital role in the Sénégalese economy in terms of its contribution to local employment and international trade; it is one of the major export products. However, the industrial fishing operations in the country struggle with high costs and Sénégal, which is an energy poor country, relies heavily on energy imports. The situation  necessitates interventions such as the one developed by Aby and her fellow student to not only create but also save energy in order to reduce the production costs.

I would like to work in the field of renewable or thermal energy, especially solar energy.

Talking about her future, she confidently says “I would like to work in the field of renewable or thermal energy, especially solar energy.” After submitting a feasibility study, she is eagerly awaiting to hear from Ikagel as to whether she will continue in a full-time position with the company.