Mr Kwabena Owusu

AIMS Ghana 2014
Food security and sustainability: Applying mathematical modelling in the fisheries sector

With a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Mines and Technology, Ghana, Mr Kwabena Owusu, from Ghana, joined AIMS with a passion to use mathematics to better understand known events and predict future trends, particularly in the management of natural resources. This motivated him to obtain a PhD in Systems Ecology following his graduation from AIMS in 2014. He is pursuing the PhD under the Chair of Mathematics and it Applications at AIMS Sénégal and Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Ecology in Germany, funded by DAAD. His research is investigating the harvesting behaviour of humans by conducting a series of time continuous common pool resource experiments with artisanal fishermen in Mbour, Sénégal. The study will model solutions for sustainable management of fisheries.

“My time at AIMS prepared me very well for the world of work and study. I developed a strong aptitude for problem solving, analytical thinking for tackling complex problems, presentation, computing and research skills, and the ability to work independently

Not only is fish is a major source of protein in the Senegalese diet, but the fisheries sector is responsible for 8% of Sénégal’s GDP and employs over 200,000 people. Ensuring sustainable fishing practices would significantly lead to improved livelihoods for many Senegalese.