Mr Ekoutiamé Ahlonkor

AIMS Ghana 2013
Applying Mathematical Skills to Support Policy Making and Development

Ekoutiamé attended the Institute of Empirical Research in Political Economy in Benin and graduated with a Master’s in Public Economics and Applied Statistics in 2009. Upon graduation, he identified the lack of accurate data for policy-making as a result, he teamed up with two like-minded young people and founded the Center for Research and Opinion Polls (CROP). The centre has become a reference for the dissemination of reliable statistical data in Togo, and provides data in various areas of development for policy making and implementation. It now serves both national and international institutions.

“AIMS is not only a centre of excellence for training students in mathematics, but also bringing together African leaders of tomorrow, people who want to make Africa a better place for future generations.”

Looking for new tools to develop CROP, Ekoutiamé realized he needed further mathematical skills. AIMS provided him the perfect opportunity to do so. “AIMS enhanced my ability to be independent and confident, thereby opening new doors of opportunity. Going through AIMS provided me with more ideas about what to do with the centre and now we have many projects.” High quality data has become a currency of alternative forms of energy.