Mr Chinyere Ihechukwu

AIMS South Africa 2012
Researching methods to classify objects in tridimensional space

Mr Chinyere Ihechukwu completed a BSc in Mathematics at the Michael Okpara University in Umudike, Nigeria. He graduated from AIMS South Africa in 2012 and is currently doing a PhD in Edinburgh.

“AIMS opens up possibilities for you to explore and find which academic pathway or specialisation is best for you.”

“At AIMS we are taught to increase our independent problem solving skills. To this aim we had a series of courses focus on this matter. Through these courses you realise that even if you don’t have an idea from the beginning you are still able to solve it by the end. So you learn a skill which allows you to arrive at a solution. This is hugely helpful across my life. It has taught me that no matter how complex a mathematical, practical or social problem first appears, there is always a solution and you must go about the right path to find that solution.”

His favourite review course at AIMS was Graph Theory taught by Prof. Robert Beezer. This is now part of his PhD research which deals with low dimensional topography starting from the Poincaré Conjecture, one of the Clay Mathematics Institute’s Millennium Problems, which was resolved by Gregory Perelman. The idea of his research is to try to classify objects in tridimensional space.

“I hope that AIMS can continue to expand and reach as many young people as possible. I believe the AIMS model can truly revolutionise the academic system in Africa, and empower many talented African students for generations to come.”

Story and photo courtesy of Matteo Besana