Mr Brice Dzokou Takamte

AIMS Cameroon 2015
Diagnostics Reference Levels in Computed Tomography (CT)

Mr Brice Dzokou Takamte, from Cameroon, joined the University of Dschang to study Physics where he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in 2011, and specialised in Condensed Matter Physics during his two years Master’s Studies.

“My motivation to study physics has been driven by my desire to understand the mechanism behind real world phenomena as they appear fascinating and crucial for human beings. Understanding the world around me by means of simple and elegant theories has always been my major curiosity and hobby since secondary school.”

To further broaden his background and to develop a strong Mathematical and Computing research skills, he applied to join AIMS in Cameroon where he completed a Master’s Degree in June 2015. “This intensive one-year program covering topics involving mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry and biology taught by eminent scientists from all around the world provided great insights into my career.”

Since January 2016, Brice has been pursuing his PhD at the University of Dschang. His research focuses on the establishment of Diagnostics Reference Levels in Computed Tomography (CT) examination in Cameroon. The goal of his work is to try make radiation levels that patients are exposed to in CT as low as possible, given that increased radiation doses increase the risk of cancer and leukemia.

Recently he was nominated among the thirteen shortlisted candidates from Cameroon to enter the African School of Meteorology and Civil Aviation, Niamey Niger for the session held in November 2015.

Passionate about his research and hoping to reduce the number of cancer and Leukemia in Cameroon, Brice maintains that his work will not be limited to minimising CT patient radiation dose levels but he will also apply mathematical sciences for the safety of aircraft movements.