Dr Fabien Rabarison

AIMS South Africa 2008
Approximation theory research

Dr Fabien Rabarison, completed a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar before graduating from AIMS in 2008. After which he was awarded a scholarship from the Scottish Funding Council to complete a PhD in Mathematics at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow which he did in 2012.

“At AIMS I learned two things which are really important for success in future academic research. The first, is to be more analytical in my work. I can’t simply resolve a problem, I have to scrutinise myself and understand the reasons behind my way of resolving the problems as this can open up alternate ways of approaching it. The second, is by being exposed to a wide range of mathematical sciences and their applications to real life, AIMS introduced me to different fields of applied mathematics.  It then they helped me find my own pathway of specialisation that
I have thrived in.”

It was whilst studying at AIMS that he decided to choose Approximation Theory, a branch of numerical analysis as his field of specialisation. Approximation Theory first interested him when he was introduced to simple subdivision schemes, their applications to signal processing and their many applications in real life problems. “I am researching how to approximate a function on a domain.  This work can lead to refining or even creating calculations and formulas to be used for determining inequalities and estimates which have value as planning in sectors such as information technology, logistics and engineering.”

“In the future I would like to establish an institution in Madagascar based on the model created by AIMS to find a new breed of scientific researchers. By developing research projects with new cutting-edge subjects for young generations of scientists in Madagascar, it will help the country enhance its scientific and technological sector.”

Story and photo courtesy of Matteo Besana