Facilitating high quality research which addresses African development challenges is a key pillar of AIMS’ strategy. Each centre is expected to engage in relevant, multi-disciplinary research. Outstanding researchers are provided the opportunity to conduct their work surrounded by peers in a world-class environment designed to inspire innovation and creativity.  AIMS students and alumni are also given the opportunity to interact with researchers through research projects, post-AIMS bursaries and research-related workshops.

AIMS Research Centres are currently located in three African countries. The AIMS Next Einstein Initiative plans to launch 15 AIMS Research Centres across Africa.

Each AIMS research centre develops areas of specialization in collaboration with local government and university partners. These research agendas advance local capabilities and opportunities.

AIMS research centres are dynamic environments where visiting and staff scientists thrive, and where young scientists find exciting opportunities as they learn to become critical thinkers.

Researchers work in close collaboration with local universities and other research institutions to build pan-African networks and partnerships. AIMS also collaborates with industry partners to ensure relevance and application of research advances.

Ongoing research initiatives at AIMS include the AIMS Research Chair Program and the Small Research Grants Program. AIMS also provides Post-AIMS support in the form of bursaries or travel grants to our alumni.

All centres host a number of relevant workshops and conferences for students, researchers and other members of the scientific community.