Research Impact

The scientific output of the AIMS Research Centres is rising strongly, correlated with the growing activity of the centres. Since 2010, the number of publications per year of AIMS Research Centres has multiplied by 8. Over 85 papers were published in 2014, mostly from researchers affiliated with AIMS South Africa, mostly in journals with an above average impact factor.

Interviews with internal and external stakeholders have revealed that the impact of AIMS on maths and science research excellence in Africa has been significant and is increasing. Research at AIMS also impacts on the academic training, as it brings credibility and visibility in excellence to the AIMS Master’s degrees.

The following analysis of AIMS scientific output in based on the output of all the AIMS Centres  as well as an analysis of AIMS alumni and was generated by Technopolis Group using SciVerse Scopus scientific abstract and citation database.

Bibliometric analysis (or bibliometrics) can be defined as the analysis of the number of research papers published by a researcher, a research team, an institution or a country, in whichever scientific disciplines they are active. It can also be a measure of the impact of the publications – how often they are cited by others.