Research and Innovation, Acceleration in Senegal: AIMS-Senegal and Nadji.Bi Signed a Partnership Convention!

The pan-African Start-Up Nadji.Bi Group, one the major african-based leaders in the Off-Grid Solar solutions industry, and AIMS-Senegal (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences), a pan-African institute for post-graduate training and research in mathematical sciences, and part of the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences Next Einstein Initiative, just signed a partnership convention.

These two Senegalese and pan-African organizations, both located in Mbour city, Senegal, have decided to form an alliance by signing a partnership convention, enabling AIMS-Senegal students following the co-operative Master program to participate in the Research & Development activities of Nadji.Bi Group, within its innovation laboratory, located next to Nadji.Bi’s Senegalese production center.

As an innovative social business, Nadji.Bi has shaped an ambitious Research & Development program, enabling the definition and development of competitive technical solar solutions, capable of facing the energy challenges of the African continent. These solutions are developed, prototyped and manufactured in the continent, in order to develop the added value and economic environment of the continent.

This partnership convention will also be established through promotion and involvement in AIMS-Senegal events by Nadji.Bi Group. As was the case during this Next Einstein Forum 2016, Nadji.Bi will be available to participate in AIMS-Senegal’s conferences, workshops and open days organized either by AIMS-Senegal and/or its partners, in order to show innovative industrial opportunities offered to students after their graduation from the Institute.

« This is a real honor and pride for our company to involve brilliant AIMS-Senegal students, to our Innovation and R&D activities », stated Ismaël MOHAMDAOU DJIDA, Chairman of Nadji.Bi, before adding « We will be able to provide to these students a challenging professional environment and a unique experience. We hope they will be proud to take part to the invention of smart solar solutions, which will change our continent and the daily life of our African sisters and brothers. »

« The dynamism of Nadji.Bi, its professionalism and its geographical proximity are great assets for this innovative social business to become an historical partner of AIMS Senegal. We are pleased to have established this promising partnership », said Professor Aissa WADE, Academic Director of AIMS-Senegal.

For more information, please contact:

Nadji.Bi Group : senegal[at]nadjibi.com

About Nadji.Bi Group

Nadji.Bi Group is a fast-growing mobile and self-consumption Solar solutions manufacturer with low-cost operations. Social Business based mainly in Africa, the group has offices in Senegal, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Asia and France.

Nadji.Bi Group develop innovating products, which answer the needs of sub-Saharan African markets. Nadji.Bi Group is manufacturing part of its products in Senegal and is selling them through a large distribution network adapted to the rural sub-Saharan markets, in Senegal, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mali, Togo, Ivory Coast, Madagascar and other countries and regions.

About AIMS-Senegal

AIMS-Senegal (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences) is a pan-African institute for post-graduate training and research in mathematical science. As part of the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS-NEI), AIMS-Senegal implements the AIMS-model to build an international center of excellence in the mathematical sciences.

Based in Mbour, AIMS-Senegal is keen to stimulate research activities in Sénégal and help to keep African scientists in Africa. Thanks to its campus, its academic partnerships, its scientific network, its reputation and its pan-African vision, AIMS-Senegal has the potential to bring Senegal at the front of scientific development in Africa.

For more about AIMS – Senegal and its programmes, click here.

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