The Next Einstein Forum (NEF)

The Next Einstein Forum (NEF) is an AIMS initiative in partnership with Robert Bosch Stiftung. NEF is focused on convening Africa’s innovators to highlight breakthrough discoveries and catalyse scientific collaboration for human development. Held every two years, the three-day forum will gather 500 leading scientists, policymakers, business leaders, journalists, civil society leaders, entrepreneurs and scientists to highlight talent and advance global breakthroughs.

NEF is focused on sustainable impact through:

  • Bridging gaps between science in Africa and the world
  • Facilitating the transformation of ideas into action
  • Advocating for science and smart science policy
  • Building a scientific community in Africa

Visit the NEF website for more information and for how to get involved.

Living the Vision
The goal of finding the next Einstein in Africa was launched when AIMS Founder Neil Turok accepted his 2008 TED Prize. Watch this inspiring talk and share the vision.