Meteo Rwanda to partner with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in research and capacity building

The Rwanda Meteorology Agency and the the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences are set to partner on research and capacity building thanks to a proposed agreement between the two organisations. The focus of the partnership will be on applications of mathematical sciences in climate change.

The new collaboration was the subject of a meeting between the Director General of the Meteo Rwanda, John Ntaganda Semafara, and Dr Charles Lebon Mberi Kimpolo, Senior Program Manager at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences – Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS-NEI).

At the meeting, Dr Mberi Kimpolo spoke about the AIMS Industry Initiative, a department that he leads. As one of the six core pillars of AIMS-NEI ecosystem and designed with the purpose to achieve industry and economic advancement in Africa, the AIMS Industry Initiative’s mandate is to connect AIMS-NEI graduates to industry through meaningful internship and employment opportunities. The ultimate goal is to maximise the opportunities and potential for mathematical sciences to contribute to African economies through human capital, knowledge transfer and applied research for scientific and technological excellence. The initiative links mathematical sciences to the needs of industry as it focuses on filling the skills gap across Africa and addresses high rates of youth unemployment.

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