Mathematics Teachers in Rwanda Upgrade Digital Skills

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences’ Teacher Training Programme (TTP) on September 21 held a graduation of 41 mathematics and science teacher trainers from 14 districts in Rwanda who successfully completed a training programme in digital literacy and the use of information and communication technologies delivered by the International Computer Driving License (ICDL).

The certification of the teacher trainers, 25 per cent of whom are female, marked a significant milestone for the TTP programme that will see the training over 3000 mathematics and science teachers in effective ICT pedagogical skills from over 600 schools in Rwanda.

AIMS in partnership with Mastercard Foundation have been spearheading increased digital literacy among teachers in order to promote quality education.

Dr. Herine Otieno, Director of AIMS’ TTP, said that the training was vital for improving the learning environment for students in Rwanda.

“I congratulate all the graduates for the effort made while you were being trained. These trainings will help you create a supportive and learning environment as one of the components of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) that bis being implemented in Rwanda,” she said.

The ICT teachers will be involved in carrying out trainings at each of the 14 Leaders in Teaching Districts in the country. Notably, the 14 Smart classrooms which will act as the district training hubs have been rehabilitated and will be equipped by AIMS through the Mastercard Foundation’s Leaders in Teaching program.

The immense investment in the equipping of the smart classrooms to support ICT integration in teaching of mathematics and sciences in Rwandan secondary schools is key in addressing inequality in education and equipping students with skills such as critical thinking, digital literacy, lifelong learning and collaboration.

Speaking during the event, one of the teacher trainers, Emmanuel Hakizimana, had the following to say:

‘It was not easy because we pushed ourselves to work hard. We like the content and the way trainers delivered them to us. At the beginning I was wondering about the role of this training as a math teacher but now I know how to find information online and materials to use in my daily activities,” said Hakizimanafrom GS St Esprit Mushaka secondary school.

As part of the programme, the teachers will for the next three years polish their ICT skills to deliver enhance training to students. It is anticipated that the programme will spark innovation in teaching and learning, and impact on the students in Rwanda.