Understanding the extent, process and impact of peer-to-peer sharing of PICSA

Host Institution: International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT).

 Location:  KG 563 ST, P.O. Box 1269, Kacyiru, Kigali, Rwanda.

 Supervisors: Dr. Desire M. Kagabo (Ph.D), Scientist, Climate Services for Agriculture, CIAT (The research team from CIAT or CCAFS, IRI, University of Reading working with the Rwanda Climate Services for Agriculture Project will be available to supervise the interns).

Project Description :

Surveys have shown that farmers are sharing PICSA tools and information beyond the groups within which they were trained. This is important in terms of both the reach and accessibility of climate services. This study aims to develop a methodology to determine what information is being communicated to how many and what types of farmers. It will also seek to understand the mechanisms and processes through which this is happening and which in turn could help devise ways to support and strengthen those processes (e.g. through provision of additional printed material).

Applications for this internship should be submitted via the online application system, stating clearly the title of the internship.

Deadline for applications: June 30th, 2018 – 11:59 PM (EAT).

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