Model-based optimization of agronomic advisories

Model-based optimization of agronomic advisories

Host Institution: CIMMYT/ICRISAT/CCAFS Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

Kindie Fantaye Tesfaye, CIMMYT (lead supervisor)
Tilahun Amede, ICRISAT
Pierre C. Sibiry Traore, ICRISAT/MANOBI
Jemal Sied EIAR

Project Description:

The CCAFS Regional Agricultural Forecasting Tool (CRAFT) allows for multi-model forecasting of crop yields based on various predictors such as sea surface temperature (SSTs) and model output statistics (MOS). This may be used to develop operational agronomic advisories for smallholders to optimize important operations, such as sowing dates and fertilizer amounts. This internship will build on a pre-existing CRAFT adaptation for West African smallholder agriculture to assess the sensitivity of key agronomic decisions to climate and develop priority advisories incorporating the use of SSTs/MOS in West and East Africa, contributing to the CASCAID 2.0 (CCAFS) project and to NADiRA.

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Deadline for applications: March 29th, 2019 – 11:59 PM (EAT).

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