Early warning for production shortfall and overshoot

Early warning for production shortfall and overshoot

Host Institution: CIMMYT/ICRISAT/CCAFS Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

Pierre C. Sibiry Traore, ICRISAT/MANOBI (lead supervisor)
Kindie Fantaye Tesfaye, CIMMYT

Project Description:

Accompanying the sustainable structuration of smallholder contractual agriculture requires the capability to monitor large constellations of heterogeneous fields and aggregate early production estimates for supply chain managers. Various mechanistic and statistical models are possible for that purpose, which may also be combined with Earth Observation for increased robustness and uncertainty assessment. This internship will develop aggregation and arbitration modules for improved production estimates in representative commodities of West and East Africa, contributing to NADiRA and to the CASCAID 2.0 (CCAFS) project.

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Deadline for applications: March 29th, 2019 – 11:59 PM (EAT).

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