Assessing Sentinel-1 potential for smallholder harvest date detection

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Host institution: ICRISAT / agCelerant-Senegal, Dakar

Supervisors: Pierre C. Sibiry Traore / M. Irshad Ahmed / Hakeem A. Ajeigbe

 Project Description:
The timing of harvest is critical for quality produce. Smallholders face multiple resource constraints at the time of harvest resulting in delayed, hastened or other sub-optimal practices further compounded by side-selling. Monitoring harvest and post-harvest operations at scale is logistically challenging. This internship will assess the potential of Sentinel-1 polarimetric radar data for detecting smallholder harvest operations, informing the agCelerantTM TARGETTM service module and contributing to the NADiRA innovation action and the CASCAID 2.0 (CCAFS) project.

Expected outcome :
Reduced cost of harvest detection helps enforce inclusive contract farming and improve produce quality for industrial transformation and value addition. Proposed internship topics for the AIMS-NEI Mathematical Sciences for Climate Resilience (MS4CR) Internship Program – P.C.S. Traoré, December 2020 (contd)

Applications for this internship should be submitted via the online application system, stating clearly the title of the internship.

Deadline for applications: January 20th, 2020 – 11:59 PM (EAT).

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