Impact of climate shifts on the future distribution of pollinator dependent crops across East Africa

Impact of climate shifts on the future distribution of pollinator dependent crops across East Africa

1.Host Institution:

  1. Host Institution:
    (1) African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda
    (2) International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Kigali, Rwanda

2. Supervisors:

(1) Dr Rosita Yocgo,

(2) Dr. Desire Kagabo, (TBC)

3. Description:

Unprecedented climate is of significant important in the agricultural sector given the direct link between climate parameters like temperature, moisture and crop production. Within East Africa, including Rwanda, more than 80% of the population dependent heavily on rain-fed agriculture, with agriculture contributing to about 40% of the gross domestic product. To maintain and increase this benefit within a changing climate, early preparedness measures must be applied. 

Such early preparedness measures are actually urgently needed given the fact that agriculture and other land use changes make direct contributions to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and global warming. The IPCC reports that between 2007-2016, 23% of total net anthropogenic GHG emissions was as a result of global human activities, including agriculture (IPCC 2018). There continue to be a dire need to maintain global warming below 1.5oC as stated in various IPCC reports given the fact that global warming of between 1.5oC to 3oC could lead to droughts, water stress, increased heatwaves and event habitat degradation simultaneously. This speaks to the eventual migration of organisms, including plants to more favorable environments.

4. Expected Outcomes:

This study seeks to understand climate shifts that would most likely occur across East Africa, especially in Rwanda, and the downstream effect on important pollinator dependent crops.

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