Managing Director, Operations

Moulaye Camara is the Managing Director, Operations. He is an accomplished  and  goal-oriented  executive  with a University Post-Graduate Degree in Financial Management and a Bachelors in Accounting complimented with 30+  years  of  experience  credited  with  leadership  and problem-solving expertise in complex environments, Moulaye has a successful track record in fundraising, financial  systems  development,  analysis, reporting,  and  internal  controls  for  complex multi-partner  program. In an increasingly senior roles with responsibility to manage staff and multi-million dollar budgets from a variety of donors (government, community stakeholders) within International Non-Government Organization environments, and in multiple African and Asia countries, Moulaye has expertise in instigating new and innovative procedures resulting in increased company-wide efficiency and cost effectiveness, forging  strong  working  relationship  with  national  and  international  partners  and  host governments,   establishing   contracts   agreements   along   with   executing   complex   financial   and   operational relationships, and representing international organisations.