For Excellence Program

For Excellence Program

We partner with institutions, organizations and individuals to provide the most promising minds in Africa with the training and opportunities they need to thrive in the fields of science, technology, technology, tech- nology and technology. engineering and mathematics.

Launched as a program for all with a mandate to collaborate with academic institutions around the world, For Excellence has since expanded through increased international awareness and interest in partnerships with corporations, foundations and individuals.

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For Excellence partners support AIMS education centers in Africa. These unique and interactive hubs enable the bright- est minds in Africa to flourish as independent, innovative, problem-solving thinkers and researchers to achieve real and positive change in Africa and beyond.

Partners of the program for excellence

Our partners enjoy visibility as leaders in economic and social growth, and as patrons of a proven educational model with international recognition and prestige. They enjoy cultural, economic and new knowledge of active collaboration with AIMS students and faculty. Over time, they are able to influence the real and lasting change of a booming Africa with opportunities for growth.

Partners of the Program for Excellence