November 14, 2020

AIMS Teacher Awards (6 Dec 2020)

About the AIMS Teacher Awards

In response to the need to foster motivation amongst teachers to facilitate technology-enabled teacher training, the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Teacher Training Program (TTP) Rwanda is partnering with Chancen International to launch the AIMS Teacher Awards.

Slated for 6th December 2020, the awards will recognize mathematics and science teachers, trainees of the online teacher training delivered by AIMS TTP Rwanda during the COVID-19 pandemic. Up to 150 awards capped at $200 will be awarded to teachers from

across the 52 AIMS TTP training centres.

Selection Criteria

The teachers will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Level and quality of engagement in core aspects such as pedagogical training, English proficiency and ICT training
  • Peer support for fellow teachers during the training including facilitating/leading discussion sessions; sharing of resources, and playing the role of mentor in the ICT training
  • Scores in the pre and post-tests in the mastery of content session
  • Scores in the audio lessons challenge
  • Scores in the ICDL training

Selection Committee

  • The AIMS TTP champion teachers (they coordinated training at the district level), AIMS TTP team members and select District Education Leaders will participate in the selection process of the best two teachers (male and female) from each of the training centres.
  • The team will rely heavily on existing records of participation in trainings; scores from the various tests including the audio lesson challenges; and the evidence of teachers’ role/support of peers during the AIMS TTP online training.
  • The individual teachers from the training centre with the average highest score in the tests and participation in the training will also receive some nominal awards.
  • Finally, based on the outcome of the fundraising, we may also award a few of the education leaders to recognize and celebrate their active role in supporting the teachers and AIMS TTP during the online trainings.
  • Up to 150 individual awards capped at $200 will be awarded to teachers from across the 52 AIMS TTP training centres.
  • Certificates will also be awarded to each teacher awardee.


Sponsor an Award

  • Individual Sponsorship: Sponsor an award for one to five teachers; donate $200 or RWF equivalent. The name of the sponsor will be mentioned on the certificates of the teachers and during the award ceremony.
  • Corporate sponsorship: Sponsor at least 10 awards: company name will be included in branding for the ceremony.
  • Donation into funding basket for collective and leadership awards.
  • AIMS-TTP Funding basket: contact the TTP team to support an award (any amount)

Bank Name: Bank of Kigali

Account Name: CHANCEN International

  • 00255-06975546-76 ( For the Rwandan Francs Currency)
  • 00255-06984455-61 ( For the USD Currency)
  • Swift Code: BKIGRWRW

Reference: Teacher Awards

GoFundMe Option:

  • To give using this option, click here.

Mobile Money Option:

  • MTN Rwanda: 0785023939 (Ishimwe Ella Stella)

For more information on how to donate, contact:

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