The African Institute of Mathematical Sciences – Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS-NEI) is a Pan African
network of Centre of Excellence that is promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
(STEM) on the African continent as a solution to addressing Africa’s development challenges.
AIMS provide international and domestic travel services for its students, tutors, lecturers, consultants on
official duty, and staff and their dependents on various travel entitlements and supports travel cost for its
partners on a worldwide basis. In order to meet such requirements, the AIMS-NEI require services of fullyaccredited travel agent that is qualified, able and willing to render efficient and cost effective range of
travel services.
AIMS-NEI plans to negotiate contract(s) for one year period extendable up to three years in case of the
successful provision of travel management services with qualified Travel Agency. The total annual volume
of tickets procured in 2018-2019 year by the AIMS-NEI was in excess of USD1 million of which most were
expenses incurred for international travel. Although there is no expected travel budget, ticketing volume
in the years to come is expected to remain at the comparatively similar levels.

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