The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences is soliciting to establish a contract for the one time
purchase of two Servers.

a) Late submission of quotation shall not be accepted.
b) Bids exceeding the ABC shall be disqualified.
c) The lowest bidder shall be informed immediately and shall be asked to submit additional
requirements within three days after the opening of bids or during post qualification.
d) Award of contract shall be made to the lowest quotation, and complies with the minimal
specifications and other terms and conditions as stated in the RFQ.
e) Terms of Payment shall be made through check payable to the supplier.
f) The AIMS reserves the right to change individual quantity of each items specify in the RFQ.
g) The AIMS reserves the right to reject any or all bid proposals, or declares the bidding a failure, or
not to award the contract, and makes no assurance that a contract shall be entered into as a result
of this invitation.
h) Quotation need to be submitted by using the technical specification listed in Annex A.

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