#AlumoftheWeek — John Ndolo AIMS Ghana ‘21

One secret to success is giving all your energy to your aim. Digging deeper to find all the resources that can get you there and making all the sacrifices there is to make. This attitude has been the exact thing we can say about the students we train at AIMS. They go all out to reach their goals in life, and their success stories are worth mentioning. This week we profile the AIMS Ghana and AIMS AMMI Alumnus John Ndolo. After graduating from AIMS Ghana in 2021, John currently sits at the University of Toronto, pursuing further studies.

John Ndolo graduated from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science. During his time at the university, he had the opportunity to intern with several organisations where he could apply his foundational knowledge in probability, statistics, finance and economics. The experiences gathered at these organisations made him aspire for a career path that will be hands-on and practical daily. His quest for a higher education institution to help him reach this goal landed him at AIMS Ghana in 2020.

“My experience at AIMS was truly transformative. During my time there, I had the opportunity to interact with and learn from other like-minded students from across Africa, as well as with professors from around the world. AIMS expanded my knowledge and understanding of mathematics and statistics and introduced me to climate modeling. In addition to the solid academic program, I made valuable connections and built lasting relationships with my peers and professors.

I chose AIMS because of its reputation as a Centre of Excellence in the Mathematical Sciences. As someone passionate about problem-solving and gaining a deep understanding of mathematics, I knew that AIMS would be the perfect place for me to learn and grow. My time at AIMS was filled with unforgettable memories, from late nights and busy weekends working on assignments to touring different parts of Africa and meeting new friends.

One thing that sets AIMS apart from other academic institutions is its unique curriculum, which blends various scientific disciplines, including mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, and statistics. The program is fast-paced and demanding, requiring high dedication and hard work. However, this intensity is matched by the quality of the faculty at AIMS, which includes professors from all over the world. Overall, my experience at AIMS was genuinely enriching and has had a lasting impact on my career.”

Transitioning from an academic institution is a significant challenge students across Africa face. However, AIMS, as an institution, works hard to ensure a smooth transition for its students through several pathways.

“After completing my studies at AIMS Ghana, I decided to pursue a career in industry. I had the opportunity to participate in the Industry Immersion Program at AIMS with the support of the European School of Management and Technology (AIMS-ESMT IIP), which gave me valuable exposure to the work world and helped me gain practical experience. Following this program, I secured an internship with a non-governmental organisation in Kenya, where I worked as a data analyst on the organisation’s monitoring and evaluation team for five months.

After my internship, I returned to school to further deepen my knowledge in the field of big data analytics and machine learning through the AIMS AMMI program in Senegal. This program provided me with advanced training in these areas and helped me develop valuable skills and knowledge to apply in my future career.

Currently, I am enrolled in a professional master’s degree program in Financial Insurance at the University of Toronto, where I am focusing on financial modeling, insurance, and data science. These programs have allowed me to learn from experienced professionals and develop various skills, including teamwork, problem-solving, presentation and communication skills, and an analytical mindset through data analysis and programming. I look forward to graduating soon and returning to the industry to professionally apply my skills and knowledge.”

Learning from the experiences at AIMS and how the network has been beneficiary to John, he shares the following to encourage prospective AIMS students and all other African youth:

“prioritise networking and building relationships with others in your field of interest. Networking can be a valuable way to gain insights, knowledge, and connections that can help advance your career. I would encourage everyone to proactively seek opportunities to meet and connect with others in their field, and be open to learning from and collaborating with others”.