AIMS Master’s Degree

The overall goal of the AIMS course is to develop well-rounded scientists with excellent problem-solving skills, capable of creative thinking and genuine innovation.

The AIMS Training Model

The course provides both a broad overview of cutting-edge sciences and strong mathematical and computing research skills. The course is unique, offering students’ exposure to a range of topics, thereby allowing them to make an informed choice as to their future specialisation.

The curriculum runs over 3 semesters. The compulsory skills phase of the AIMS course builds a common core set of problem-solving skills: estimation, computation, approximation, modelling, data analysis and statistics. The elective review phase allows students to apply these skills in some of the most exciting areas of science. In the final phase of the AIMS course students do a research project and write a scientific report under the supervision of an ex¬pert researcher on a topic of their choice. Research initiated in these projects often develops into further postgraduate research work after AIMS.

AIMS student training, study materials and housing is fully funded by donors. The residential nature of AIMS allows more contact time between lecturers and students than is available in a typical university setting. Students study two subjects for three weeks each, with morning lectures and afternoon problem solving and computing sessions. Additional tutorials and special lectures are held in the evenings, when students typically complete their assignments.