Director of Program Delivery and Reporting

Patrick Mphaka is a program management, business for development, advocacy, media, and communication specialist. He spent many years facilitating the development and implementation of education, health, and livelihood programs and mentoring and training teams in developing and implementing advocacy, communication, and media strategies. Patrick is highly skilled in the use of the Human Rights Based Approach to development methodology when developing programs, and focuses on the benefit of creating strong symbiotic relationships among the program beneficiaries, the public sector, and the private sector stakeholders to enhance empowerment, resilience, and self-reliance among beneficiary communities. He has used and trained many development practitioners in developing and implementing development programs using the Theory of Change approach to clearly identify outputs and strive to focus on monitoring and reporting results.

Patrick Mphaka is a skilled practitioner and trainer in videography and audio productions for television and radio broadcasts. He holds a BA in humanities, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies, and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Malawi. He obtained a doctorate degree in Business Administration from Walden University in Minnesota, USA. Through his dissertation, he found evidence that the poor need business skills the most, not money, to graduate from poverty (