Time to build a pipeline of innovation for Africa

It is widely accepted that research and innovation are key drivers of competitiveness and economic growth. A recent World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index showed that Africa was lagging behind in higher education and training, innovation and technological readiness. The index also enumerated several challenges, but we want to focus on two of the reasons Africa lags behind: an inadequately educated workforce and an insufficient capacity to innovate.

These challenges are not restricted to Africa, they are global. How can African governments create and sustain an ecosystem of innovation, particularly growing from higher education institutions? The African Union’s Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa 2024 aims to address Africa’s transition to an innovation-led, knowledge economy and most governments have varying strategies.

At the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences we seek to address these challenges from various angles.

By Thierry Zomahoun and Barry Green published on www.universityworldnews.com

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