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  1. WHO AM I?

Before a man knows what to do during this earth, one must know who he is. Most of philosophic fathers had to answer themselves to the question” Know yourself – Who am I? – What is a human being?”

A human being is made of a body, a soul and a spirit (alias BSS)

A Body: bones, flesh, and blood (entry point of physical senses that can stimulate the spiritual senses; and later the spiritual senses will be the ones stimulating the physical because more powerful than them )

A soul: Will (if you are wise you will be willing to choose/decide the good voice from your conscience, but if you are wicked you will be willing to choose/decide the evil voice), mind (it is like a computer processor, it processes what the will has decided to do), emotions & motions.

A Spirit: Wisdom (LOVE of the truth), communion (relationship with God in prayer and obedience), conscience (listening to evil voice and to Holy Spirit voice)

A Heart: A soul + A Spirit

(? heart: Mind, emotions, ambitions (purpose), Conscious (Holy Spirit microphone: Contact point with the Holy Spirit))

Holiness: Creates a shield for the enemy not to reach you.