The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at AIMS-NEI

In November 2014, AIMS partnered with the Mastercard Foundation to support 30% of all admitted students (predominantly women) at AIMS from 2014 to 2019. Mastercard Foundation Scholars at AIMS are selected based on academic excellence, leadership potential and their commitment to:

  • Give-back to their communities;
  • Fully participate in training and outreach opportunities, fashioned to reinforce their leadership skills, strengthen their sense of responsibility to give back to the African continent and lead the positive transformation of their communities.

As at July 31 2018, AIMS-NEI had graduated 264 Mastercard Foundation Scholars (66% Female), with 25 Co-op scholars (48% Female) currently undertaking the program. Combined, these scholars are nationals from 29 African countries:



A Co-operative Master’s degree built on a model of work-integrated learning combining formal instruction (10 months) with scheduled, alternative segments of practical work experience in appropriate industry (6-8 months). Currently offered at our Senegal, Cameroon and Rwanda centres, Co-op students graduate with a Master’s in Mathematics, with specialization in either Big Data, Computer Security or Financial Mathematics.

A Taught Master’s degree in Mathematics comprising 10 months of formal instruction and research. AIMS students are selected through a rigorous application process after which successful candidates are granted full bursaries for both programs. Candidates must have studied mathematics in the broad sense at an African university for 4 years prior to their application.

A Teacher Training Program implemented in Rwanda and Cameroon designed to equip secondary school teachers with professional development courses, promote best practices and distribute high-quality classroom resources to in-service and pre-service teachers. The goal is to raise the quality of mathematics and science education at the secondary education level in order to improve STEM teaching and increase the transition of students to tertiary STEM education.

Meet our 2017/2018 Cohort of Mastercard Foundation Scholars across the AIMS-NEI network:

AIMS South Africa Mastercard Foundation Scholars

AIMS Senegal Mastercard Foundation Scholars

AIMS Ghana Mastercard Foundation Scholars

AIMS Cameroon Mastercard Foundation Scholars

AIMS Rwanda Mastercard Foundation Scholars

Download this brochure for more information on the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at AIMS