Prof. Jean-Philippe Uzan – Director of Research, CNRS

Prof. Jean-Philippe Uzan is a director of research at CNRS and works on cosmology and gravitation at the Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris ( He is also the deputy director of the Henri Poincaré Institute ( He has been teaching at the Ecole Normale supérieure de Paris and has co-authored 2 monographies (Primordial Cosmology with Patrick Peter, and Théories de la relativité with Nathalie Deruelle). He was arcaded the Langevin prize (2010) and the Georges Lemaitre prize (2015). Alongside his academic work, he is the author of several dozen articles and books for the general public (some for children). He has been actively involved in the organisation of the Fleurance astronomy festival ( for the past 15 years and many school projects. He is interested in the connection between science, art and education, in particular through the theatre play Kant (with director Etienne Pommeret) and the musical installation Vostok (with composer Eddie Ladoire). See for more details.