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The Fields and Perimeter Institutes are pleased to announce the renewal of the Fields-Perimeter Africa Postdoctoral Fellowship program for an additional five years. Launched in 2013, these prestigious fellowships provide the opportunity for recent PhD graduates who are African nationals working in areas of mathematical sciences or fundamental theoretical physics to spend one year at […]

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"I've always desired to have a lasting impact and to be relevant to my generation. AIMS has partially impacted me towards achieving this goal. I hope to be a game-changer and a problem solver to the world,"Oloruntobi Samson (Nigeria), AIMS Camerooon.

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Do African herbal medicines hold hope for #COVID19?

Did you know that up to 80% of the continent’s population still heavily relies on medicinal plants for their healthcare. Could this be a solution to the existing pandemic?

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As we celebrate #IYD2020, we bring some of our alumni work that's impacting communities.

To date, AIMS has graduated over 2,200 alumni from 43 #African countries.

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"Being smart isn't only about getting distinctions but being able to provide solutions to our environment as well,"Mulengo Kanzoka (DRC), AIMS Rwanda Graduate.

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Did you know that AIMS Rwanda was set up in 2016 as the 6th centre of the AIMS network?

This year, it graduated 37 young #Africans.

"Data science is very young in #Africa & one of the major challenges we have is to make meaning of the available data,"Titus M, Alumni.

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