Mathematics and Science important in Ghana’s economic development – AIMS

Mr Thierry Zomahoun, President and Chief Executive Officer, African Institute of Mathematics and Sciences (AIMS), has said Mathematics and Science are the missing link in Ghana’s economic development.

He said Ghana must, therefore, prioritise the role of Mathematics and Science in its developmental efforts if it was serious about attaining real progress for the betterment of its citizens.
Mr Zomahoun, who speaking at AIMS partnership and event launch, in Accra, said Ghana and other African countries were facing the biggest challenges due to the shortage of people with skills in Mathematics and Science.
He said a new economy was taking shape globally and Africa needed to master those subjects to be able to also grow their economies.
“Africa is home to the youngest population in the world and in the next few years, our continent will be the second largest in terms of population,” he said.
“As leaders, we must take action now to empower our young people and position them to lead thinking, innovation and breakthroughs in technology to transform our continent economically.”

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